At-Home Memorial Gardens for Cremated Loved Ones

When scattering the ashes of a loved one doesn’t seem appropriate and families don’t want to keep an urn in the living room or den, another option that is growing in popularity is the at-home memorial garden. A memorial garden provides a special place to sit, reflect, and feel close to the lost loved one. It’s a private space where the family doesn’t have to worry about being interrupted, and it can be as simple or complex as the family desires.

Peaceful Landscaping

One of the key features of most at-home memorial gardens is peaceful landscaping. A memorial garden should be a private, quiet, restful place where the family escapes to think about the deceased loved one. Some families select a grove of trees. Others denote a special area on the property by creating a space marked out with gravel, dirt, paving stones, or concrete.

Low bushes give the memorial garden a feel of privacy, and a stone or wrought iron garden bench provides a peaceful spot to sit and reflect. Families decorate the area with the favorite flowers of the deceased, pretty yard lighting options, or other special landscaping that evokes images of the deceased.

The cost of landscaping an at-home memorial garden can range from a few hundred dollars for simple designs and a DIY approach to several thousand dollars for a more elaborate, professionally-landscaped space. The costs are typically less than or in line with a traditional burial.

Memorialize the Lost Loved One

The other component that most at-home memorial gardens include is a memorial for the deceased. This memorial is often the central feature of the garden, and may be at one end of the garden or in the middle of an open space. The memorial may include a photo of the deceased, a sculpture or headstone commemorating the deceased, or a decorative outdoor urn that contains the remains.

An at-home memorial garden is a great way to commemorate a lost loved one by creating a peaceful, reflective space for remembrance.


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