A Meaningful Los Angeles Cremation

A Los Angeles cremation is chosen for its low cost and simplicity. When the cremation process is so easy and short, how do you find meaning in the process? When you lose a loved one, it is important to grieve and to honor and memorialize your loved one.

If cremation is performed too quickly or the body isn’t viewed, the grieving process is adversely affected. One of the special things about cremation is that it is flexible. Have the Los Angeles cremation on your own schedule and in a way that is healing. Don’t feel rushed. Take time to view the body and consider a funeral service prior to cremation. These allow you to better accept the loss of your loved one.

After cremation in Los Angeles, consider the best way to memorialize your loved one. One option is a cremation burial or columbarium interment to create a permanent resting place for your loved one, a place you can visit and be close to him or her. Alternatively, choose to scatter the ashes in a particularly memorable way. Choose a place that was meaningful to the deceased, invite friends and family, or recite a favored poem.

Consider a way to keep your loved one in your heart and mind. Perhaps keep a small amount of cremation ashes in a piece of cremation jewelry. Or spend an hour or two a week volunteering at a place that reminds you of your lost loved one, serving in a Los Angeles soup kitchen or coaching a local team, for example.

Remember that a Los Angeles cremation may be combined with a funeral service prior to cremation or a memorial service after cremation. Memorial services are particularly suited to individualized ceremonies. Plan a memorial service that reflects the personality of the deceased and favored places. When you choose a Los Angeles cremation for final needs, build a cremation plan that allows for grieving and memorialization.

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