What to Do with Ashes: Cremation Diamonds

Cremation diamonds bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “diamonds are forever.” If you wish to preserve that sparkle in your loved one’s eye or just want to show off your loved one’s bright personality, a variety of companies can transform cremated ashes into priceless gems.

There are a variety of companies creating cremation diamonds. One of the most popular companies, LifeGem operates in the United States and offers a variety of color and carat options along with jewelry settings to place the diamond in for an additional fee. In Switzerland, Algordanza creates diamonds with a variety of cut and size options, but the color isn’t altered, leaving the diamond a light blue color due to the boron naturally present in the ashes. Other popular companies that focus on creating cremation diamonds include DNA­2Diamonds and Cremation Solutions.

Cremation diamonds are created when a significant portion of the ashes is sent to a diamond-creating company. The ashes are then analyzed for their carbon content since diamonds are approximately 99.9% carbon. The carbon is then isolated and put under extreme heat and pressure to turn into graphite. From there, the graphite containing the carbon from the ashes is put into a specialized machine that replicates the high temperature and pressures found underground, where diamonds are created naturally.

The process can take several weeks to several months to complete, depending on the size of the diamond. The end result is a unique, rough diamond that is then cut into the desired shape and placed into a special box for shipping or fixed to its jewelry setting if one is available. Various colors are created by adding trace elements like boron (which, as stated above, turns the diamonds blue).

Although cremation diamonds are a special way to commemorate your loved one, the process to create these diamonds makes them expensive. The smallest carat sizes usually start at over $2,000 and the largest sizes and most elegant cuts can cost over $20,000. To put this in perspective, this is a similar price range to that of a traditional funeral. Some companies can even create more than one diamond per order depending on the ashes received.

A study has come out questioning the legitimacy of companies claiming to create diamonds out of cremated ashes. The study has yet to be peer-reviewed, but it does highlight the importance of ensuring that any company providing any cremation service is trustworthy. For a cremation-diamond company, look for ways to guarantee the diamond is real and the carbon used to make the diamond is from the ashes received.

Some companies allow you to preplan to have a diamond made from your ashes. Refer to each company to better understand what services they do and do not guarantee and what payment is required in advance.

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