What is the Difference Between “Pre-Need” Cremation and “At-Need” Cremation?

cremation-packagesYou may have noticed that Neptune Society often uses the phrases, “at-need cremation” and “pre-need cremation.” Have you wondered what those phrases mean?

These terms relate to our cremation services and when they are offered. Our at-need cremation (or “immediate need”) services  are offered to families “at the time of need,” or after a death has already occurred. Pre-need (or prearrangement) services are offered to individuals who are planning ahead, prior to their passing.

About Neptune Society’s At-Need Cremation Services

At-need services are offered to families when plans have not been made in advance of a death.  Sometimes this happens in the case of a sudden or unexpected death or a short-term medical diagnosis – but not always. At-need cremation services also take place when a family has decided to wait until after the time of death to make arrangements.

One of the most important things to remember about “at-need” or “immediate need” services is that they are selected by the surviving family members, not the individual that has passed. Neptune Society understands that different families have different needs, so we’ve developed at-need services that reflect differing financial needs, lifestyles and desires.

According to Jessica Watts, Service Manager at Neptune Society’s Jacksonville, Florida office, “Neptune Society understands that the journey of grief is not an easy one. Because our families are already going through a very traumatic, life-altering event, we’ve tried to make things just a bit easier by including everything in our at-need packages that a family would need for an affordable, dignified, and simple cremation.”

Neptune Society also offers specialized cremation services for veterans. These services are intended to help families make an informed decision and honor their loved one in the way that is most appropriate for their family.

For instance, our most affordable cremation services are perfect for families that want to make sure all the important details are handled at once or who perhaps want more control over personal details.

We also offer more elaborate services which include additional items or services that a family might need or want.

About Neptune Society’s Pre-Need Services

Pre-need services are selected by an individual before they pass away. This can be done far in advance and is like estate planning: an individual is taking care of all the arrangements before there is a need.

Individuals can also customize prearrangement planning by purchasing additional items or services.

According to Jessica Watts, “Neptune Society is more than just a cremation provider. We provide solutions for individuals and families that can help make a difficult time just a little bit easier. We care for the families we work with as if they were our own and help them stay focused on honoring a life well-lived.”

To learn more about our pre-need and at-need services, please contact your Neptune Society representative today.

Special thanks to Jessica Watts, Service Manager of the Neptune Society Jacksonville, Florida for her support and contributions to this post.


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