Utilizing Technology to Plan a Funeral or Memorial Service

Bring your funeral and memorial service planning into the 21st century with the variety of technology and tools available to you. Check out some ideas below to help you create a memorable, unique tribute for a loved one who has passed away.

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Use Spotify or Pandora to create a playlist to memorialize your loved one.

Music is often a huge factor of one’s life, and great music is a fantastic way to honor someone who has passed away. Spotify gives you a little more control over what goes into a playlist (listening to an album for instance), but Pandora gives an opportunity to not only find a loved one’s favorite songs, but songs they also might have liked. Both can be accessed on a phone or computer and connected to a speaker to provide a soothing (or rocking) ambiance.

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Create an idea board through Pinterest.

If you have no idea where to start, begin with Pinterest. Users can “pin” pictures of interesting funeral and memorial service ideas onto an online board to be looked over later. These pictures can help you narrow down themes, scattering locations, catering services, and whatever else you wish to have at the funeral or memorial service you are planning. Many pictures also have captions that may give you even more information on how to create a certain centerpiece or how to plan to have your service at a particular church.

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Use Flickr to create a photo collection or slideshow that you can share anywhere.

Forget the old-fashioned PowerPoint and Keynote. Families can create and share photo albums and slideshows through Flickr, a place where thousands of people share their photos. Photos can be edited and organized directly on the website or on the many apps available for it. Flickr also makes it simple to give the photo collections to other people, instead of worrying about file compatibility and other strange technological errors that PowerPoint can cause. With simple sharing abilities, it also makes it easy to display these collections at the funeral or memorial service.

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Build a memorial page on Facebook – or use it to organize preparations.

Building a clean, respectable website from scratch is difficult, especially for those with little technology experience. Facebook has an easy-to-use page creator that allows one to create a place on Facebook that can be personalized into a memorial page. With no need to buy domain names or pay for an expensive website creator, Facebook is a great tool for creating an online memorial that allows loved ones to comment and express their feelings to others. In fact, if the deceased owned a Facebook account, the user’s page is often slowly converted into a memorial after passing away, giving an automatic online memorial with no additional effort. You can also use Facebook’s event organizer to help create guest lists and organize memorial plans.

No matter how you choose to plan a funeral or memorial service, remember that honoring a loved one’s wishes and memory is the most important concern. Do what you know or think they would have loved, but feel free to use some modern technology to get the job done.


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