Remembering Fathers on Father’s Day

remembering-fathers-on-fathers-day Our dads are dear to us. That’s why on Father’s Day families celebrate despite grieving over a deceased father. It’s one of those occasions when we feel the gap in our family but we stay strong for each other. On Father’s Day, here are some of Neptune Society’s best tips to remember our deceased dads.

Visit his grave or cremation site

Whether your father was buried or cremated, one of the best ways to remember him is to visit his resting place. Say a prayer, light a candle, or leave a bouquet to show your appreciation.

Create a collage from old pictures

Many of us are connected to social networks and post pictures and videos for our friends and families to see on almost a daily basis. Why not scan family photos to create a Father’s Day collage and share it?

Watch a movie he loved

Do you remember what your dad used to watch all the time when you were a kid? Whether he was into comedy flicks, a boxing match, or war-related documentaries, watching those old movies again bring back memories of his life.

Listen to songs he enjoyed

It could be Frank Sinatra, a country song, or a Latino-inspired rhythm. You know it when you hear it. On Father’s Day, listening to your dad’s favorite songs will make you feel like he’s around, whistling to his favorite tunes.

Write a note

Sometimes it takes a moment of reflection and silence to be able to say things you’ve always wanted to say to someone. Writing it down gives you an outlet for your thoughts and memories about your dad’s life.

Say hello to old friends

Call or visit family friends that you and your dad saw often. Share old stories over a cup of coffee. Reminisce about funny things your dad said or did and marvel at his accomplishments during his life.

Cook/grill his favorite food

Many families have shared some of their most beloved memories at the dinner table. On Father’s Day, it’s your turn to honor him by cooking the food he enjoyed.

Become a sponsor for the day

Everybody may experience a time in his/her life when old age is lonely, especially when living in a care facility. Why not ask permission to become a sponsor and connect with another father? You can bring a smile to another dad who didn’t have the opportunity to see his children on Father’s Day.

Hanging out with the grandkids

Some dads never had the chance to experience becoming a grandparent. Baking a cake, playing catch in the backyard, or watching a movie in honor of Dad is a great way to involve young children in an activity that they love, and also introduce them to a family member that they have never seen in person.

Remember an old, familiar place

When we were young, my dad used to take us to a rocky beach in our old neighborhood. We have moved elsewhere since then, but that beach will always remind me of a lot of things: a delicious family picnic, my little sister learning to count, and how mossy those rocks were. Do you know of a familiar place that will remind you of your father? Try to visit the spot with your loved ones to reminisce about your adventures with him.

Talk to mom

Considering that Mom is one of the closest people to Dad, sitting down and spending time with her helps you reminisce about the times you and your dad were together. She will greatly appreciate the conversation, a chance to bring back the old times and celebrate Dad’s missed presence.

Getting Help from Neptune Society

Neptune Society, the largest provider of affordable cremation services in the country, believes that remembering our dads on Father’s Day is important. We care for family members during rough times and provide assistance for cremation preplanning. If you’re not sure where to start, you can request Free Information here.

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