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Spending Time with a Loved One: Cremation Hourglasses

As time passes, keep your loved one with you in a cremation hourglass urn. Neptune Society explains the benefits of this unique memorializaion option

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How Cremation and Funeral Trends Affect You

Learn about the biggest trends of 2015 in the funeral industry and how they can affect you. See how cremations, burials, and funerals are growing this year.

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What to Do With Ashes: Vinyl Records

Looking to memorialize your love of music in a way that will echo for years to come? Press your ashes into a vinyl record that plays your favorite songs.

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10 Must-Do Bucket List Items That Don’t Involve International Travel

You don’t need millions or the ability to trot the globe to make your golden years shine. Read on for a bucket list that doesn’t require leaving your hometown.

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What To Do With Cremation Ashes: Tattoo Ink

Wish you could keep your loved one with you forever? If so, a tattoo made with cremation ashes might be right for you. Learn more from Neptune Society.

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8 Religions and Their Views on Cremation

American’s attitudes about religion have changed over the last 50 years. Find out how this is impacting cremation decisions from Neptune Society.

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The Salt Lake Temple is the largest (of more than 120 around the

The Mormon Church and Cremation

Wondering about LDS or Mormon beliefs about the body, resurrection and cremation? Learn more from Neptune Society.

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Jehovah’s Witness and Cremation

Jehovah’s Witnesses have unique beliefs about death, resurrection, and cremation. Learn more from Neptune Society.

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Hinduism and Cremation

Hindu beliefs about the soul and the body form the basis for why Hindu funeral rites generally include cremation. Learn more from Neptune Society.

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Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions to Secure Your Future

What’s your goal in the New Year? See our top 5 financial resolutions to get your wallet in better shape.

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