How Cremation and Funeral Trends Affect You

The past year has seen dramatic changes in the funeral industry. Cremation providers and funeral homes alike are changing to reflect a new attitude toward how people care for their loved ones once they have passed away. Some of the trends can affect the final arrangements for you or a loved one, so it is best to be informed on the most prominent trends in the funeral industry from 2015.

Cremation is growing in popularity. The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) has been chronicling the rise of cremation over the past 15 years, but 2015 marks a special moment. While the final numbers are still being calculated, the NFDA’s projected rate of cremation is higher than the projected rate of traditional burials for the first time. This means that funeral homes are providing more cremation services than ever, making it easier for people to plan a cremation for themselves or a loved one. However, some of these cremation services may come from funeral homes who focus on burial and may be unfamiliar to the cremation procedure, so it is important to ensure the cremation provider you choose is trustworthy and experienced.

More personalized memorial services and funerals are offered now than ever before. Themed funerals and memorial services are the new way to honor the unique lives of those who have passed away. This means you have the ability to create a plan for a funeral or memorial service that has Stormtroopers, Elvis Presley, and other fun elements present, making for a memorable event that can make people smile even at the saddest of times. Funerals that celebrate someone’s life instead of strictly mourning for the loss mean that funerals may have the potential to help more in the grieving process as well.

Religious groups are becoming more accepting of cremation. According to the NFDA, those who affiliate with religious organizations and have claimed they would be likely to choose cremation as a choice for final preparations has grown by ten percent. While those who are unaffiliated with religion are choosing cremation much more often than those who embrace religion, it still shows a growing acceptance of cremation among religious organizations. This means more people can choose cremation without breaking their religious code.

Funeral homes and cremation societies are growing their online presence. Depending on where you live, funeral homes and cremation providers now have the opportunity to help you plan your services completely online. This allows usres to be more comfortable with planning a burial or cremation in their own home, without having to face another person while doing so. It may not be for everyone, and it isn’t available with every provider, but it is a new way for people to ensure they and their loved ones will be cared for in the future.

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