Five Rewarding Professions That May Surprise You

While most know that doctors, clergymen, and teachers often find their jobs rewarding, there are other jobs that are not as obviously rewarding. Some professions are rewarding because they directly assist members of the community, and others move society forward in huge, dramatic ways. Here are five rewarding professions that you might not know about.

Firefighter suits and helmets hanging at fire station


Saving lives is an inherently rewarding job, but doing so in some of the most dangerous environments can make it feel even more satisfying. Firefighters serve their communities during times of major crisis, which gives them a responsibility and a rewarding feeling that their actions made the difference between life and death for someone. Firefighters are also known to get incredible employment benefits from their hard, dangerous work, which makes their death defying acts of bravery rewarding in multiple ways.

Two construction workers in hardhats looking at blueprints

Construction Manager

There is something about seeing a building grow from an empty plot of land that is inspiring, especially if you are in charge of planning and organizing the day-to-day construction process. Humans have built amazing structures for millennia, and being a part of that human tradition along with making a visible impact through your work, is extremely satisfying. Construction managers also get the satisfaction of watching and monitoring a project from the early stages of development to the final touches and leading those under them to ensure the project is completed correctly.

Close up faded effect retro style image of the hands of a man typing on a laptop keyboard. ** Note: Shallow depth of field

Software Engineer

Imagine if you could create complex medical software to help doctors save lives, create a program that protect the nation from cyber-attacks, or build the next hit app that everyone has on their phones. A software engineer can tackle any of these challenges all while being on the front lines of technological progress. Many of these challenges are satisfying, rewarding or (at the very least) lucrative for those with the technical prowess to complete them.

Physical therapist interacts with a patient

Physical Therapist

One of the more underrated of medical professions, physical therapists busy themselves with improving their patients’ quality of life. They help a wide range of people including veterans, the elderly, children, and the disabled literally get back on their feet. Having the opportunity to help so many different kinds of people overcome such difficult medical challenges is rewarding and makes you appreciate your health.

Senior couple sees a therapist to cope with grief. Could also be funeral director meeting with clients.

Funeral Director

Working with families at the most difficult times of their lives may seem depressing and heartbreaking at the surface, but funeral directors often have extremely rewarding experiences in their profession. With the ability to assist families through these troubling times, funeral directors have a chance to meet and help people through their grief by providing the best service they can. Also, the death care industry will always be around to assist families, so funeral directors rarely worry about looking for work. This allows funeral directors to be part of a profession that both helps numerous people every day and ensures they will always be able to support themselves through their work.

Rewarding professions aren’t always about financial compensation. Often, an employee’s happiness has a great deal to do with how fulfilled they feel in the workplace, and how much of a difference they feel they are making on the world around them. While some professions are obviously more rewarding than others, it is important to consider rewarding career paths that aren’t as familiar.


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