5 Summer Activities For Caregivers And Their Elderly Loved Ones

Now that summer has come around, what do you have planned for the warm weather? If you have an elderly loved one, summer is a perfect time to make up a list of activities you can enjoy together. Summer tends to disappear just when you’re starting to get used to it, so don’t waste any time and take our advice on a few of the best summer activities for you and your elderly loved one.

  1. Watch The Fourth Of July Fireworks
    Independence Day is the quintessential summer holiday, but this year, why not make it even more special? Cities and communities all over the country host fireworks spectacles that just keep getting bigger and better. In Boston, Massachusetts, the Boston Pops Symphony Orchestra plays alongside the Charles River before fireworks shoot off from the Charles River Basin. According to the Travel Channel, St. Louis, Missouri, hosts “America’s biggest birthday party” with parades, music and fireworks. Out on the west coast, Los Angeles hosts a wide range of events and spectacles all across the city, noted Time Out. Take your elderly loved one to the nearest city celebration this Fourth of July.
  2. Revisit Childhood Landmarks
    When the weather is sunny, sometimes a little traveling is in order. Caregivers should talk to their loved ones about their favorite places to spend time while they were growing up. Whether it’s a neighborhood, a park or an old favorite diner, it’s important to revisit these locations that hold cherished memories.
  3. Travel Abroad
    Don’t limit your travel excursions just to the U.S. – take that trip to Paris (or anywhere else) you’ve always dreamed of. International travel definitely takes some preparation, so maybe this something to plan for now and execute in late August or September. Still, there are affordable airline and hotel options to places like Iceland, Ireland, the U.K., and Germany, not to mention beautiful and exciting itineraries in Central and South America. If your elderly loved one has difficulty traveling, you might need to leave this one off the list.
  1. Plan A Family Reunion
    Summer is also a perfect time to get family and friends together from across the country. Given a month or two notice, anyone should be able to take a weekend off and meet at an agreed-upon destination for some quality family time. Too often, families grow older, and members move away and don’t get together frequently. Find a host location that makes the most sense for all and send the invitations around now so everyone has time to make plans.
  2. Go Skydiving
    Hey, it’s never too late! No bucket list is complete without a plunge from 10,000 feet, even for an elderly person. Just a few years ago a 100-year-old man made the NY Daily News for his birthday celebration – a skydiving trip that he said was “the biggest thrill I’ve had so far.” While it is certainly not for everyone, if your elderly loved one is in good health and spirit – and you, too, for that matter – skydiving is something you’ll never forget. You’ll also have eternal bragging rights.

Amidst all your fun this summer, you’ll want to make sure you take the time to speak with your loved ones about end of life planning, perhaps in the car to your reunion or as you wait for those fireworks.

Your elderly loved one should be excited to make the most of this summer – see if you can fit all of these activities in by the time autumn comes around!


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