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Dispelling Myths About Life Insurance

Learn all about life insurance from when it’s needed to protect loved ones or pay for cremation and funerals and cases to when you don’t need it.

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Family talking about preplanning a cremation with neptune

How to Talk to Your Aging Parents About End-of-Life Planning

Starting the conversation about your parents’ end-of-life wishes might feel awkward, but chances are good that your parents will be relieved when you do.

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Power of Attorney: Why You Need It

Creating a power of attorney is a necessary safeguard for any aging person. This document gives you control over who makes decisions on your behalf.

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Senior Care Centers

Find out how you can select a senior center option that suits your aging loved one’s individual needs and preferences and plan end of life arrangements.

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Transportation Options for Seniors Who Don’t Drive

Maintain mobility throughout retirement. Learn how to find and access public and private transportation options for seniors who no longer drive.

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Top 10 Things to Ask Your Parents Right Now

You need to hold important conversations with your parents sooner instead of later about topics such as their wishes for a funeral or cremation.

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Burial urns

Historical Trends in Cremation

The popularity of cremation has grown in the United States in recent decades. Find out how cremation trends and costs are influencing these decisions.

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5 Summer Activities For Caregivers And Their Elderly Loved Ones

If you have an elderly loved one, summer is the perfect chance to spend some quality time together. Consider planning for these five activities before autumn.

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Checking Advanced directive

Everything You Need to Know About Advanced Directives

Protect your end-of-life wishes with an advance directive. Learn the basics of this legal form and discover how you can start one today.

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Elderly Hands Holding Glass Jar With Money On A Pension Closeup

Pensions and Financial Information for Seniors

Understand retirement financial planning so you can create a stable foundation for late-life travel, health care and daily enjoyment.

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