How to Plan Your Own Funeral

When it comes to planning a funeral many of us run away from the idea. This article highlights some of the key things to do when planning an event to celebrate your life

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From 0 to 18: Talking About Death With Your Young Person

Explaining death to a child can be difficult. Learn how to answer questions in an age-appropriate way that helps children develop a healthy understanding of death.

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6 Trends in Retirement to Consider

Discover retirement trends that benefit Baby Boomers.

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Preparing for the Inevitable: A Must-Have Checklist for Final Preparations

Are you prepared for the inevitable? Here is a must-have checklist for your final preparations.

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Bucket List

The Two Bucket Lists Every Senior Should Have

Many have a bucket list of fun things to do, but have you taken care of your financial bucket list? These tips will help you get the most bang for your buck.

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Cropped shot of a young man working from home using smart phone

Utilizing Technology to Plan a Funeral or Memorial Service

Bring your funeral or memorial service plans into the 21st century with these simple websites. Discover how technology can help honor your loved one’s life.

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Portraits of people thinking

Five Rewarding Professions That May Surprise You

Learn about five rewarding jobs you might not have thought about. If you enjoy technology, medicine, or helping the community, you may find something you like.

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Golden Ring with Diamond. Jewelry background. Valentine day

What to Do with Ashes: Cremation Diamonds

From diamonds to dust and back to diamonds, learn how cremation can lead to a sparkling gemstone with the help of a little science and ingenuity.

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Cremation vs. Funerals: The Last Thing You Want to Do Is Leave Your Loved Ones With a Difficult Decision

While our own mortality can be difficult to think about, it’s important to understand the differences between cremation and burials to make informed decisions.

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Romantic Teddy-bears

What to Do with Ashes: Teddy Bear Urns

Ever wish you could hug a loved one who has passed away? Consider using a teddy bear urn to give you or a child comfort through the grieving process.

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