How To Write An Obituary

When a loved one passes away, it’s hard to put into words exactly how you’d like them to be remembered. Often, this task is one that’s handed off to a family member of the deceased. Whether it’s the college graduate or the writer in the family, the job of writing the obituary is one that

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Large Tree Dominates Small Tree On Hillside

How Can Cremations Help the Planet?

Cremation’s environmental impact is less than that of a traditional burial, but what further actions can you take to plan a truly green cremation ceremony?

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Developing Better Relationships With Elderly Loved Ones

When was the last time you spoke to your grandparent? Do you know what’s happening in his or her life? Read on for tips on how to improve your relationships with aging loved ones.

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3 Important Factors to Consider When Assigning Durable Power of Attorney in Florida

Thinking of assigning someone durable power of attorney? Keep these three factors in mind when finding a capable, trustworthy agent.

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How Cremation Can Support Environmental Sustainability

Cremation offers some of the most compelling ways to help support environmental sustainability without compromising traditional funeral methods.

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How Should Employers Honor Former Workers This Labor Day?

When an employee passes away, the company should find an effective way to honor that person’s memory and contributions while offering support to his or her peers.

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5 Summer Activities For Caregivers And Their Elderly Loved Ones

If you have an elderly loved one, summer is the perfect chance to spend some quality time together. Consider planning for these five activities before autumn.

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Atlanta Cremation Services Partner to Provide CE Course to Healthcare Providers

Neptune Society in Atlanta, GA and National Cremation Service in Marietta, GA have partnered together to offer continuing education credits to nurses.

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Why Cremation Continues to Increase in Popularity

Cremation is a popular alternative to a traditional funeral and burial service due to changes in family geography, religious expectations and other concerns.

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Cremation and Closure: Combining Cremation With a Memorial

Cremation offers advantages over traditional funerals in terms of geography, cost and flexibility. keywords: funeral, geography, cremation.

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