Things We Wish We’d Done Sooner

What would you tell your 20-year-old self if you had the chance? Explore the things you wish you’d done sooner with a decade by decade look at life.

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How to Prepare for the End of Life

When you’re given a terminal diagnosis, prepare yourself and your loved ones to handle the end of your life with dignity and peace.

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Religion, death and dolor - couple at funeral holding hands

Cremation vs. Burial

Planning your cremation in advance takes a burden off of your loved ones. You can decide to have your remains placed in an area you love the most.

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Child Head Silhouette With Scattered Hair Made Of Ash

Myths of Cremation Preplanning

Explore common cremation myths and the real truth behind them, such as which religions permit cremation and why many cultures dislike talking about death.

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Beautiful Row Of Red Funeral Candles

Comparing a Celebration of Life to a Funeral

Celebrations of life are an increasingly popular way to memorialize a loved one. Find out what’s involved.

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Mature couple sitting on sofa with financial advisor

Why Are Baby Boomers Afraid of Talking About Death?

Learn how baby boomers are taking control of end-of-life events and why they are opting for cremation instead of traditional funerals.

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Burial urns

Historical Trends in Cremation

The popularity of cremation has grown in the United States in recent decades. Find out how cremation trends and costs are influencing these decisions.

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Couple reading construction plan at home with use of laptop

Everything You Need to Know About Finances in Your 50s

Ready to get serious about late-life finances? Find out all you need to know about money matters in your 50s.

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