What Are The Laws Governing Orlando, Florida Cremation?

In mid-November, a Chinese baby was discovered to be alive just moments before its scheduled cremation. This has prompted many regions to revisit their cremation laws to ensure that the individual is deceased prior to starting cremation. Fortunately, Orlando families don't need to worry about Florida cremation laws not providing enough protection for individuals who choose cremation. Under Orlando cremation regulations, the deceased must have a signed death certificate and wait through a 48-hour waiting period prior to beginning the cremation.

A Signed Death Certificate is Required Before an Orlando Cremation

Before an Orlando cremation can occur, the cremation facility must receive a signed death certificate from the doctor who has authority or jurisdiction over the remains. In some cases, this can cause delays when the doctor doesn't get the document signed and to the cremation facility in a timely manner. However, this regulation provides an extra level of security and peace of mind for individuals who are considering cremation but are concerned about finding themselves in a situation similar to that of the poor Chinese baby who was found to be alive just moments before the cremation.

The doctor must certify that the deceased is actually deceased and, in many cases, must confirm the cause of death prior to beginning the cremation process. This law serves two purposes: it prevents cremation in cases where the individual is not medically deceased, and it prevents cremation in cases where the individual's death should be investigated due to suspicious or unusual circumstances.

Technically, Orlando, Florida cremation law states that the attending physician must sign the death certificate and the medical examiner must also approve the cremation. However, the medical examiner may rely on the death certificate as being true and accurate in the absence of information to the contrary and may approve cremation based on the death certificate without actually performing an autopsy of the remains.

Orlando Cremations Have a 48-hour Waiting Period

The other Orlando cremation regulation that can help ensure there's no mistake before beginning cremation is the 48-hour waiting period. All Florida cremations are required to wait 48 hours after the cause of death before cremation can commence. This waiting period gives peace of mind of knowing that the cremation hasn't been rushed and if there is a mistake somewhere in the process there's time to discover it.

Select a Trustworthy Orlando Cremation Provider

Ultimately, families can avoid worries by selecting a trustworthy Orlando cremation provider. A cremation provider like The Neptune Society, which owns its own crematoriums around the country and has solid procedures in place to ensure the cremation process goes smoothly and there are no mistakes, can give the family peace of mind when they make their cremation arrangements. Choosing a trusted cremation provider is the best way for Orlando families to ensure their cremation will be handled by competent professionals and that there won't be any errors or problems during the cremation process.

The Neptune Society is the nation's oldest and largest provider of affordable cremation services. Whether you have an immediate need or want to plan cremation services in advance, we are always available to assist you and your family.

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